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Diesel Repairs

Rest assured when you bring your truck to Devil Dog Auto & Diesel Equipment, you'll receive quality service. No matter if you're needing your brakes repaired or for us to work on your engine, we can take care of it with professionalism and ease. As a talented team of diesel mechanics, we're fully committed to giving you only the best for your truck. From heating and air repairs to electrical diagnostics, we can expertly address virtually any diesel repair service you may need. We work primarily with light pick-up truck models.

Take a moment to check out our full scope of services below. For more details, call us today at (505) 325-9277.

Diesel Engines We Work With





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Engine repairs/swaps

We provide top-notch diesel engine repairs you can rely on. We realize that diesel engine repairs or upgrades can be costly, but why invest in a new truck when you can have our team of experts bring it back to life. We can break down, clean, service, repair, and re-assemble your failing engine block with ease. When you need a diesel engine replacement, we're on it!



To ensure that your trucks performs optimally, we provide diesel tune-ups to check plugs, ignition systems, fuel filters, wires, change out air filters---whatever your diesel truck needs to keep on going. We can even rebuild injectors, make necessary valve adjustments and so much more!

Troubleshooting/ Diagnostics

When the dreaded service light comes on it's never a good sign. And while it can be alarming, don't sweat it. Just bring it by the shop and we'll do our best to run diagnostics to identify service issues that need to be addressed. We house the proper equipment to apply computer diagnostic testing so we can locate the problem, get it fixed and get you back on the road.

Electrical repairs

Just like with any vehicle, your diesel truck can require electrical services such as checking and replacing spark plugs and blown fuses, rewiring, updating your battery along with repairing your alternator and more!



Your truck's brake system is a complex unit that involves many components; they not only allow your vehicle to stop acceleration but also assist in the smoothness of your ride. Common issues you can experience with your brakes include needing your brake pads replaced, having your brake fluid adjusted and repairs for your rotos and drums.

Heating & AC repairs

If you have noticed your truck's heating and cooling system not doing it's job, it may be time to have it checked out. From hose leaks and clogs that can prevent airflow to blown compressors, leave it to Devil Dog to fixed your truck's heating and AC!

Suspension repairs

Suspension systems on diesel trucks are vital so when you hear loud noises coming from under the hood, it's likely time to have it inspected. We can repair and replace shocks, struts, ball joints and more!

Axles/differential repairs

Your axle and differential system is responsible for allowing your wheels to rotate safely at different speeds. It's important to keep this system well-lubriacted and repaired when necessary. From tune-ups and inspections to even diffrential rebuilds, we do it all!

Diesel maintenance

Neglecting diesel maintenance is like letting a fire go unattended. While it's true that diesel engines require fewer repairs than most auto engine systems, they still need routine check-ups to run efficiently and avoid costly repairs down the line. Whether your diesel truck is running low on fluids, in need of a filter change or just a tune-up, just bring it by the shop and let us get to work!

Bed Liners

Nothing gives your truck style and optimal functionality quite like a custom bedliner. Protecting your truck bed from weather elements and damage, we can install a bed liner that gets all the heavy duty jobs done for you!

Hydraulics and small equipment repairs

As part of our services here at Devil Dog Auto & Diesel Equipment Repair, we also service small construction equipment. If it runs off diesel or a hydraulic system---we can fix it. From tractors and mowers to bobcats and backhoes, our mechanics can inspect all components and have these machines fixed in no time!

Electrical repairs

When electrical repairs arise for your diesel equipment, leave it to Devil Dog. From faulty batteries to poorly connected fuses, we can run diagnostics to locate the electrical issue and have it repaired within the same day! Call us at (505) 325-9277 to learn more!

Diesel engine repairs

Just like with any truck, we can expertly repair small equipment engines that run off diesel! From tractors and mowers to backhoes, if it's got an engine that needs repairs, we're on it! As part of our services, we maintain and troubleshoot to locate the problem with ease.



Our hydraulics service include regular maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair. The photo above features a John Deere excavator that was brought in with most of the hoses either disconnected or connected in the wrong places. Our techs worked hard to repair the hydraulic system for our customer.

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