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Auto Repairs

Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your car running properly. We are car care experts and have the equipment, skills and know-how to keep your vehicle running at its best. It is our goal to provide quality service at an economical price to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly and for a long time.

No matter if you're needing your brakes repaired or for us to work on your engine, we can take care of it. From start to finish, our expert team of mechanics does their part to evaluate your vehicle and find the most cost-effective solution to get it running smoothly again!

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Engine repairs/swaps

Engine failure can be cause by a myriad of things. One of the most common is a pulley seizing up. We recommend that your vehicle receives regular and timely maintenance. An engine rebuild can be costly!



We offer auto tune-up services to help your engine perform at it's absolute best. We replace common things like spark-plugs, air filters and more to ensure all parts of your veicle are up-to-date!

Troubleshooting & Diagnostics

Sometimes the most stressful issue with a vehcile is located the soruce of the problem. We can troubleshoot and run diagnotsic test to pinpoint issues that may be affecting your car. Common indicators we find include ignition timing problems, fuel injector issues and more!

Suspension repairs

Your car's suspension system is repsonsible for how smoothly your vehicle operates. When you notice drifting or pulling turns, uneven tire tread and oily shocks, it's an indicator your suspension system is in need of repairs.

Transmission services

Transmission repair is a major, time-consuming, and expensive automotive repair. That is why it is so important to keep your transmission properly maintained. Whether you need your transmission repaired or replaced entirely, we've got you covered!



Your brakes are a vital component to the fucntionality of your car. When you notice things like your brake pressure changing or strange fluids beneath your car, bring it to us! We can locate break fluid leaks, replace brake pads and lines and more!

Heating & AC services

When problem's arise with your car's heating and cooling system, it's typically one of the first things you notice. When you heater rusts or becomes clogged, you simply won't have heat. If you're compressor goes out, cold air will become an issue. Leave it to us to provide efficient heating and cooling repairs!

General maintenance

Preventive car care can help protect both your safety and the investment made in your vehicle. A regular maintenance service can help you avoid costly repairs. We recommend following your vehicle manufacturer's maintenance schedule in order to care properly for your vehicle. We know what to do to extend the life of your vehicle and help you avoid costly repairs.

Electrical repairs

Some of the most common automotive electrical issues we see includes bad spark plugs and wires, blown fuses, dead batteries and faulty alternators. When you experience these problems, often times you vehicle has a hard time turning over or won't start at all. Just bring it by our shop, and let us get to work!

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